They call Her the Life Alchemist...

...for the seemingly magical process in which she helps her clients to transform and co-create their lives.

As a Life & Business Strategist,​ and co-owner of Luxe Club Retreats and LCR Consultancy, Natalia elevates, empowers, and enriches the lives of leaders and entrepreneurs through her bespoke coaching, consultancy and retreats, in addition to her online courses.

One of Natalia's favourite quotes is “You travel not to escape life but so that life doesn’t escape you.”

Travel has always been the catalyst to massive transformation, development and change in her life.

From summers in Egypt that instilled family values to a Euro trip after university that revealed the power of human connection. She went from hospitality to financial services to road tripping and retreat hopping in Spain to a Yoga Teacher’s Retreat in Bali that led her to what she gets to do today.

It was her eat, pray, love moment.

When you give yourself the time away, you connect with yourself in ways you never imagined - that's when the magical things start to happen.

Natalia has learned that the meaning of life is to know yourself so well that your soul shines. You shine so brightly that you can’t help brighten the world around you.

Born in Portugal and growing up in a multinational family, Natalia always knew that I had a different perspective on life.

Personal development, education and travel have always been an integral part of her evolution and her work.

Natalia's career started in Wealth Management in Canada where she excelled and helped members of her team move forward in their careers which was different to what other leaders were doing. She loved it until my body started to tell me you’re ready for change. It was her eat, pray, love moment that took her travelling again and the peak of her career.

Taking a leap of faith requires incredible strength, courage and bravery.

When you find yourself feeling low vibrationally, you can turn to drugs or alcohol, seclude yourself and disengage. You lack clarity, you have body aches and pains, and you feel disenchanted with life.

Natalia wants to tell you is that it is in these moments that you are being called to step into your greatness.

After an 11-year career in wealth management, it was this exact feeling that led her to take make a choice to take a chance that forever changed her life.

The choice to live with greater intention, to be the person who takes hold of life unapologetically even when that means changing careers, starting a new business, and upleveling your circle.

Wellness for Wealth™ was founded to help leaders and business owners come back to life by taking a more holistic and intentional approach to living so they can create greater impact without sacrificing their wellness and zest for life.

Most of us do not give ourselves the time or space to really connect with who we are evolving to be, which can leave us feeling unfulfilled. Let Natalia create that space for you and curate an experience that will leave you feeling elated, evolved, and energized like never before.

When Natalia is not helping leaders live with greater intention or planning retreats and events, she can be seen in the spin studio working up a sweat, paddle boarding and relaxing at the beach, or in the airport en route to her next destination.

Go From This:

  • feeling conflicted and confused about who you are and where your life is going

  • Feeling out of love with your work

  • feeling alone and depleted

  • living life on autopilot

  • feeling stuck

  • overthinking everything and doing nothing

  • putting everyone else's needs and wants before your own.

  • struggling to have the energy to get through the day

  • feeling physical pain, including headaches and hip pains

To This:

  • having complete clarity and confidence of who you are and what you want
  • living your dream life while Travelling & running a business You love
  • feeling vibrant and full of energy
  • eliminating body ailments and getting more fit every day
  • Being surrounded by a loving and thriving community
  • having all the freedom and time to travel the world and focus on what and who matter most
  • Running multiple income streams working with the most talented people on the planet

I believe that when you are balanced in mind, body and soul and clear on who you are and what you want, you get the power to transform and create your best life!

Let’s make the life you say you want a reality!

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