When you decide to take a leap of faith and finally put yourself first, not because it’s selfish, but because it is time to step into your greatness, that my friends is when the magic happens.

The Great Escape

of life

“You travel not to escape life, but so that life doesn’t escape you”

At the peak of my career, on track for a new promotion, when everything on the outside looked absolutely fabulous, all I felt was a deep desire to escape.

To escape the mundaneness of it all.

To escape the expectations, the pressures, and the rat race.

I wanted to take a moment to just be.

My mind was busy, my body ached, and I felt completely disconnected and unfulfilled, even though on the outside, I was ‘successful’.

Being successful by the way can only be defined by you. Not your parents, not society, you.

That feeling of ‘escape’ at the time felt like a failure. It felt like I was letting everyone else down, like everything that I had worked so hard to achieve wasn’t good enough.

If it was, I would have felt like I was on top of the world, right?

On May 23, 2017, I made a decision that would forever change my life.

I did what so many people wish they could do - I put myself first.

I started with one question: What do I want?

Travel and Yoga retreats were the first thing that came to my mind because what I wanted most was to feel reconnected, to be able to recognize myself again.

Whenever I have been at a transition point in my life, travel has always followed.

Even when I left the hospitality industry, I went on a 3 month trip around Europe with a few girlfriends.

This time was different.

I was going solo. It would be the first time that I would travel on my own for more than just a flight in my whole life.

I planned a trip to Switzerland to see the family and then a month-long solo road trip along the coast of Spain retreat hopping along the way, followed by a trip to Bali for a 21 day Yoga Teacher’s retreat.

It wasn’t that I wanted to be a Yoga teacher per se, but rather to deepen my spirituality, which is one of the life elements in Wellness 360, a framework I learned while taking my Wellness Coaching Certification.

I did it all for myself first.

The time freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want?

The financial freedom and savviness to stand on your own two feet, to generate and protect your wealth, and be tax efficient.

The security and love you get from surrounding yourself with the partner, friends, family and colleagues that lift you up and have your back no matter what.

It starts with knowing yourself on the deepest level.

What makes you light up, what makes you shut down, the experiences that have shaped your thinking, your beliefs…

Sure, you can journal, you can meditate, but to really be with yourself and come alive, that is where travel comes in.

Not just travel, but retreats, and not just yoga retreats, I’m talking about transformative spaces that take you so far out of your comfort zones and that tap into your deepest desires.

That is the escape that brings you back to you, your soul, your life.

People call me the Lifestyle Alchemist, the one who transforms or co-creates your lifestyle through a seemingly magical process.

Of all the successful people I have met, people think that they have gotten to where they are overnight, which simply is not true.

When you decide to take a leap of faith and finally put yourself first, not because it’s selfish, but because it is time to step into your greatness, that my friends is when the magic happens.

That is why impact-driven, highly ambitious souls choose to work with me.

Giving yourself the time and space to connect with yourself…

Your values

Your vision

Your mind

Your body

Your soul

That is my gift to you, my superpower:

Taking you high above, so far beyond your current state, to see from a bird's eye view what is and what could be.

The fusion of life and business strategy is the experience that I’ve been blessed with on my journey thus far.

One that has given me insights, tools and wisdom to help you live with greater harmony, wholeness, and happiness.

Wellness for Wealth, because the path to wealth starts with you.

Are you ready to escape with me?

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